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Use A Running App And Stay Motivated In 2015

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at 2015.01.29
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So it’s the end of January and you are off to a good start. The driving force for the New Year’s resolution is to shed the Christmas weight. Now comes the hard bit; not becoming another statistic – just making the effort during January only to undo all the hard work February through to December! Never fear, here are some great tips to keep you running throughout 2015.

1. Find a schedule and stick to it.

Running scheduleImage via Mashable.com

We all have busy lives but I’m sure most of us will always some how find the time to sit down in front of the TV for a couple of hours at least every couple of days. Set yourself a running schedule and stick to it – be sensible, don’t run every single day until you injure yourself and are forced to have a period of time off for injury recovery. Just the same, consider running no less than twice a week; the longer between runs the less likely you are to want to go on your next one. Forward plan – bear in mind weather and the seasons, avoid running in the mid day heat of the summer and if you run on roads, avoid the darkness of winter.

2. Choosing the right route and distance.

Choosing the routeImage via Qualityindex.com

Ideally choose a route that is a circuit, by which I mean try and avoid running so far in one direction and then at some point along the way deciding to turn back. Chances are, there will be many occasion when you decide to turn back early. If you choose a circuit, there is more motivation to get all the way around and finish (forcing a point of no return to the run). Choose a distance that challenges your ability but is not unrealistic in terms of your schedule. For example, there is little point doing a 10 mile run which takes you two hours to complete if your schedule only allows you one hour to complete the excercise.

3. Buy some new running gear.

New running gearImage via Onlinecouponisland.com

Although it isn’t important what you wear when you run, you will be surprised how confident and different you will feel in some new running clothing. Invest in some real running shoes/trainers, various running shops can record you running on a treadmill with a camera and fit you with trainers that have correct support specific to you. This will minimise impact and reduce the risk of injury. Have at least two sets of running clothes so that you don’t “put off” your next scheduled run due to your kit being in the wash! Be safe on your runs, if you run on or even alongside roads, get some high visibility clothing with reflective material – be seen!

4. Forget the scales!

Forget the scalesImage via Thehealthyhomeeconomist.com

The main reason for you taking up running may be to lose weight; fantastic, running is one of the best ways to shed the pounds. The only problem is that all to often people weigh themselves far too often expecting instant results. When they do not see speedy progress it, demoralises them and they tend to give up easily. Manage your expectations as far as weight loss is concerned – think positively about the other benefits of your running, like improved fitness, stamina and the overall health benefits in general. As long as you do not reward your excercise with additional calories, ultimately weight loss is inevitable. Monitor things like when clothing starts to become looser as a gauge of your progress rather than obsessing over numbers – after all, how you look and feel in yourself is probably the number one goal. If you insist on recording your weight, limit it to once a month or every 8-10 sessions.

5. Track your progress with a running App.

Nike+ AppImage via Ginsberg.io

Final tip and most important, TRACK PROGRESS, TRACK PROGRESS, TRACK PROGRESS! You will be amazed how motivated you will be when you track your running performance using a running app. There are loads of running apps about to do this – I highly recommend using the Nike+ App for iOS and Andriod. If you have either of these smart phone variants the Nike+ App is perfect for the job, Nike do also sell other devices like Nike+ Fuel Band and smart watches (Sportwatch GPS) that also run Nike+. It’s packed with features to allow you to track things like your pace, route and personal bests. The app integrates with the music on your phone and can be set to read out live progress on your run giving the current pace and distance run.

Monitoring your progress is key to pushing yourself harder as your fitness and strength levels improve. Try to stick to the same route (or have just one or two). When you run the same terrain each time, you can easily see when you are improving than if you run different runs each time as there are too many variables involved. Get to know other performance indicators – remember, when you run your route at different times of the day, it will likely affect how well you run. For example, if you run before lunch one day and then before dinner another day, you will probably have more energy after having had breakfast and lunch than the day where you only had breakfast. Don’t let these runs put you off, just make a note against the run so you can then comapare similar runs in the future (another great feature of Nike+ App, allowing you to add comments to the run history).

Bonus Tip: Listen to Music!

This doesn’t appeal to everyone, however, listening to music really does help. 1. It sets a rhythem to your run – experiment with different genres too, even if normally you wouldn’t listen them. 2. This is what I like to call “out of breath cancellation” – there is nothing more off putting when running than hearing how out of breath you are. Listening to music helps drown out the heavy breathlessness so that you can focus on the job in hand.

3 Responses to “Use A Running App And Stay Motivated In 2015”

  1. Natty Nikki says:

    Good and sensible advice especially with regards to weighing yourself as it can become all to easy to start obessesing over the number on a scale!

  2. jo says:

    Great post! I’m looking forward to starting to run again once I get the all clear from my physio following recent surgery. Going to bookmark this and come back to it! Jo

  3. Mommy's Kitchen says:

    Loved your post, I need to start running but I don’t use the scale so much.

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