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How To Shorten A Pair Of Jeans And Keep The Original Hem

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at 2015.01.26
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Have you ever purchased a pair of jeans that are not quite the right size? Let’s face it, if you are going to settle on a pair of jeans that are the wrong length, then I guarantee that the majority of us will go for jeans that are too long as opposed to a pair that are too short. Then, in no time at all we end up with frayed and ripped jeans around the heel area where we have been walking on them for the past 6 months – am I right?. I would like to let you know about an amazing technique I came across on YouTube that allows you to easily shorten a pair of jeans (best used for straight cut style) keeping the original hem! The results are so good, unless you and your friends get right up close to take a look down by your feet, you would never know the difference.

Step 1 – Measure how much you need to raise the hem.

Measure JeansImage via Shopify.com

The easiest way to measure how much you need to reduce your length by is to put the jeans on and turn the jeans up. The bottom fold will be where the jeans will sit once modified, therefore simply measure from the fold at the bottom up to the line of the now upside down hem.

Step 2 – Fold up the jeans half the amount and pin.

Measure the hemScreenshot via YouTube

Roll up the leg by exactly half (50%) of the amount that you calculated in step one. For example if you need to shorten your jeans by two inches, turn the bottom up by one inch. Pin the material in position.

Step 3 – Sew around sticking close to the original hem (but not on top of it).

Sew the hemScreenshot via YouTube

Stitch as close to the original hem as you can without sewing over the top of it. You can use any colour thread to do this as if will not be seen but you may choose to use a blue colour anyway.

Step 4 – Fold the jeans back over on themselves and iron down firmly.

Iron the hemScreenshot via YouTube

Once you have stitched both legs, simply roll the jeans back over on themselves and iron down firmly. Once ironed, you will see your new shorter pair of jeans revealed. Try them on for size and see if you or your friends can tell the difference. Optional: If you have shortened the jeans by quite alot, the flap inside the leg may be cut off, however only do this if you are happy with the results and not looking to sell your jeans in the future.

Watch the video:

YouTube video by bellajeanboutique

I have found this tip especially helpful as my brand of choice is Superdry and I have a inside leg of 29″. Anyone that is familiar with men’s Superdry jeans will know the shortest they tend to sell is a 32″ leg. Also, another great advantage is that when I’m bidding on second hand jeans on eBay, knowing I can bid on jeans that are 2, 4 or even 6 inches too long for me means that I am much more likely to grab a bargain online.

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