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Cancel Your Sky Subscription And Keep Channels Like Sky Atlantic

at 2015.02.02
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If you have Sky TV and also have fibre broadband you need to read this right now! Are you a long standing Sky customer and can’t imagine life without Sky? At the same time are you fed up of the cost of your subscription going up almost every year? If you answered yes to any of the above you need to keep reading.

Chances are, the main reasons you have never wanted to leave Sky are because you watch programmes on the following channels:
Sky 1, Sky Arts 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Fox, Gold, ITV Encore, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.
In addition, you perhaps you also subscribe to Sky Movies.

If I’m right, what would you say if I told you that by grasping modern technology and the wonders of modern day internet connections that you could save anything from £14.51 – £31.01!

So how do you still get all this for less money?

Get a NOW TV Box.

Get a now tv boxImage via Blogcdn.com

For just £6.99 with NOW TV you can recieve all the channels listed above that you would normally watch via your Sky box.
For just £16.98 with NOW TV you can receive all the channels above PLUS Sky Movies.

Let’s put this into perspective. £16.98 is £4.52 cheaper than Sky’s most basic TV package (“the original bundle”) at £21.50, and with the NOW TV payment you are also receiving the latest Movies.

If you have the Sports channels, you can also receive these via NOWTV, however the savings are not as attractive, but access can be purchased via either a day pass at £6.99 or a week pass at £10.99.


Get FREEVIEW or freesatImage via Visiontvandsecurity.co.uk

So you have all the most popular channels on TV, but you will still need the free to air channels, you may as well receive these, you are paying a TV licence after all! So here you have two options. Option 1 – switch your Sky box to a FREESAT only box. This is a quick fix, however, unfortunately to retain the recording capability of your box you will have to pay Sky a £10ish a month subscription (which kind of defeats the object). Option 2 – get a FREEVIEW+ or FREESAT+ box, this will allow you to receive all the free to air channels and record them without subscription.

Bonus Tip: GET NETFLIX for just £6.99 extra.

Get Netflix tooImage via Wired.com

If you decide to get. FREEVIEW or FREESAT box, you may be able to get one that comes with various Apps like BBC iPlayer, 4OD etc giving you great on demand access, but the biggest bonus when you do the number crunching – if you get a box with the NETFLIX App, you can subscribe to NETFLIX for just £6.99 extra. so now you have:
– ALL the free to air channels
– Popular on demand services
– Channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, FOX etc
– SKY Movies

To me it’s a no brainer – grasp modern day technology and save money at the same time!

Ok, here are a couple of limitations and my recommended minimum requirements to be aware of:

1. NOW TV can stream live TV, and gives access to on demand however there is no record functionality so to catch up if you miss something you will need to use the on demand to catch up.
2. Streaming TV and movies requires a half decent broadband connection. I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you have fibre broadband or a minimum download speed of at least 4-6Mbps.
3. Streaming uses huge amounts of data. Ensure you are on a totally unlimited broadband package with no horrid fair usage policy’s in the small print. I use and highly recommend BT INFINITY 2.

My story..

So what drove me to leave Sky, and discover these great savings? here’s the story:

I spent over 12 years with Sky, and over the years had various different TV packages through them. Recently, when my wife was made redundant and we needed to look at areas of our finances that we can cut back on, Sky TV was one of them. At the time we had the standard subscription and Movies on top which was costing us approximately £38 per month. After contacting Sky to reduce our package to the minimum (£21 per month), we were informed that we couldn’t cancel, as totally unknown to us we were in contract with them due to adding some extra channels back in the previous April. obviously being disgusted at this, especially due to our personal circumstances at the time and having been loyal customers for such a long period of time; I decided to leave Sky and see what other services were available.

Well there you have it, make your own judgements but I hope you find this post informative and lets you know there really is life after Sky!

2 Responses to “Cancel Your Sky Subscription And Keep Channels Like Sky Atlantic”

  1. Laura says:

    What a fab post! I too was a long term sky customer and left them last year for similar reasons, we are happily with Netflix for £8 a month, happy days xox

  2. Steve G says:

    As Laura said, What a fab post! Your situation and feeling are the same as many MANY people and Sky have simply lost the plot with their customers. As I write this I expect the Discovery channels to also disappear in a few days due to a pricing dispute between Sky and Discovery, and THAT is the last straw for me. Sky just put up the price and like you I only last Sept started a new contract due to channel changes for personal cost reason so I’m f****d until Sept coming.
    GOODBYE SKY after approx 20 years with you.
    Thanks for the brill post.

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